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Excerpt #2

Things used to be different. You used to be different. You remember walking in the field behind your parents’ house, following Sally and being followed by little Richard. The long golden grass would brush up against your legs. The sun would bless your face, baptise you in golden light. The strong scents of heather in…

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Ava had seen a vase. It was tall, sleek and sophisticated, sitting in the window of a charity shop like an elegant woman posing for a photograph. It sat there with a secret smile, as if it was there just for her. When she saw the vase it seemed to say, hello, just seen me…

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Excerpt #1

One summer’s day a little while ago – I say summer because it was hot enough to be summer, but actually it was a bright day in early September – Rich was sitting in the passenger seat of his brother’s car, and they were sailing through the countryside. Rich had had to put on his…

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