About Emily

Emily Sera is twenty years old and is based in southern England, where she lives with her mother and her cat, Bunny. She is a student and is studying English Literature and Creative Writing at degree level. She fell in love with writing at a young age and is currently working on her first novel.

About This Space

This space is intended to be somewhere for me to collect the things I write, finished and unfinished, good and bad, special and unspecial.

So though I can’t promise everything you read here will be exceptional, I can promise that it will reflect some part of my journey in becoming a better writer; and that everything will be devoted to you, my readers, to a more complete me from the future, and to the characters and people we all create in our minds.

This little place is a home to my process. Somewhere where I take ideas and turn them into something tangible, and a record of my work. I’m learning to write a bit better every day, one word at a time.

I hope that my work inspires you in some way. Thanks for being a part of my story.


If you want to contact me for personal or business enquiries, please email me here.