how to make a sock plushie

Over the past year or so my sock plushies have received a surprising amount of love and compliments, so I’ve decided to post a how-to. They make the best handmade gifts, and are surprisingly easy to make!

I named him Marshmallow. He’s super friendly and can go wherever you go.

You will need:

  • 2 pairs of socks (preferably fluffy, and in complementary pastel colours; you can get these from your local supermarket for a few pounds). You only really need two socks to make one toy, not four, but I wanted to have two different colours (so the nose could be a lighter colour).
  • 1 – 2 sheets of felt, ideally in pastel shades lighter than the colour of your socks (I’ve used white and light pink).
  • Buttons (or other, for eyes).
  • Complementary embroidery thread (I’ve used white and pink thread).
  • Fabric scissors.
  • A marker.


  1. Lay out your materials. Choose two socks, ideally of different colours. Pick the sock you want to use to make the main body and turn it inside out. Lay it out in front of you, turned over so you can see the fold where the heel is. The opening of the sock should point upward and the fold of the heel should be smoothed down so it looks the same as the curve of the toe of the sock.
  2. With your marker, draw a curved line to mirror the curve of the heel-fold. Draw this line on the leg of the sock above the heel so the fold and the line come together to create an oval shape. Sew along this line, and then cut around it. You should now have the basic shape of your toy: a long rectangle with curved ends and a sag where the heel of the sock is.
  3. Now, look to the toe of the sock. Draw a little indent to create the shape of two little legs. Make them small and stubby. Then, cut along the line you’ve created, leaving a little hole. This is where you’ll stuff your toy! You can turn your sock inside out again now, so it’s the right way around. That way your stitches will be hidden.
  4. With the remnants of the first sock, you can make ears and hands. Cut out little pockets, stuff them and sew them on how you like. I sewed felt onto the inside of the ears to give them a two-dimensional look.
  5. With another sock (preferably a different, lighter colour) cut out the heel and stuff it. This can then be sewn on as the nose; sew it on to a piece of felt which can be the face. This way, there’ll be somewhere to sew the eyes on to.
  6. Add the final touches. Sew on the eyes, embroider around the face and ears, embroider the nose and mouth. Now, you’re done! Congratulations!

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